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A Human Clock in Flash

“What time is it? It’s half-past Fred!” Each numeral in this flash clock uses from one to four people to create the shape. The flash animation sequences the clock. Nice creative work and there’s a link to the originator of the human number images. Fun and inventive.

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Video of Bob Burquist looping a fullpipe

According to the original post, this is the first time anyone has ever looped a fullpipe on a skateboard. Maybe so, maybe not, but still, a pretty cool video of a talented boarder.

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8am Lecture? Just Podcast It!

Here’s an interesting article from the Baltimore Sun about a new trend in capturing the attention of college students using new technology. If you can watch TV shows whenever you want, you should also be able to learn when it’s more convenient right?

Education at Hand: Colleges Podcast Courses to Palm-Size Media Players, and Students Skip That 8 A.M. Lecture

By Gadi Dechter, The Baltimore SunSeptember 27, 2006

Sep. 27–If they miss this morning’s introductory biology lecture, Johns Hopkins University students can still catch it this afternoon — at the lacrosse field, on the light rail, even in bed.

Or wherever they like, whenever they want, provided they have an iPod or some other digital music player.

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Multimedia message

Multimedia message

Originally uploaded by dreamschooner.

Greetings from Chicago! It’s a beautiful early fall day here. I’ve been thinking about the little opportunities we all have every day for creativity. Solutions to problems, new ways to get things done, adapting to changing situations etc. The little disconnected moments that make a day happen, that make a day unique. What if we could link all of them together every day to solve bigger challenges? To be a force for creativity and change. We have more power than we know and it sure would be cool to take that power for a drive to see what it can do!

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Couching Simpsons

Here is a YouTube posted video of every Simpsons couch sequence from seasons 16 and 17 edited together. If you’re like me and you enjoy waiting for the unique endings to the show open each week (or each day in syndication)… this is lots of fun.

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Multimedia message

Multimedia message

Originally uploaded by dreamschooner.

On the way to Chicago for a quick trip. I want to continue to make use of mobile blogging. I have been listening to the new Elton John album which may sound like a lame idea but this one really feels like their early stuff. Some of the first music I got hooked on as a kid. Stuff like Levon and Madman Across the Water. Elton and Bernie have put together a new bunch of songs about a music history we know and love. I will add a link later.

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Photoshop Painting Skills

This is actually just a tutorial with some nice Photoshop tricks but the final product is worth taking a look at. I find that I learn the most about Photoshop when I try little tricks here and there as I need them. Nice stuff.
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