Atomic Clocks Are Getting More Precise

This is a timely article. This weekend I heard someone speak about the odd relationship between time-saving devices and our sense of time. It’s probably been true in one way or another for every era of man, but there is a growing sense that there just isn’t enough time in the day. At the same time, we are developing more and more devices with the goal of saving time. Shouldn’t we have more time and not less? After all, we’ve saved enough of it.

How much faster does a microwave need to cook food? We’re now using bar codes to check out at the supermarket, but on the horizon are RFID’s which will give us a few more minutes in the day. And yet we fill those up and more!

This article is about being able to measure time more accurately… to find extra bits of time. When we can do that, will we use the new “saved” time more wisely or fill it up with more new endeavors that seem to give us no time to do what we love.

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One response to “Atomic Clocks Are Getting More Precise

  1. nednamenick

    Hard to believe there’s so much thought/effort put into such an infinitely [unnecessarily?] precise measurement of time. For scientific experiments that’s one thing.. but for widespread use, why bother?

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