Brain-controlled bionic arm

Rehabilitation Institute develops prosthesis that makes previous models seem primitive
This is very very cool.  Having some first-hand experience with the Rehabilitation Institute’s great work in Chicago, it is exciting to hear that they are helping to push this technology dramatically forward.  In the article, “Claudia Mitchell, 26, said she simply has to think to move her arm–a far cry, she said, from her first replacement limb, which was so hard to work that she gave up in tearful frustration.”  Check this out.  From the Chicago Tribune.  Positive, productive innovation.  How great it will be to be able to help more people more completely.



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2 responses to “Brain-controlled bionic arm

  1. nednamenick

    Creepy, cool, and spookily futuristic.

  2. I agree. It makes sense that this would continue to be more and more possible, but it also feels like we should have done more of this way before now.

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