Borrowing or Plagiarism? How Does It Feel?

There is a current minor controversy brewing over some of the lyrics in Bob Dlyan’s new album, Modern Times. Apparently some of the more striking and unique phrases in the song “When the Deal Goes Down” were also used by a Civil War-era poet named Henry Timrod. There is an interesting interview with the radio disc-jockey who discovered the similarities at NPR. Here is an article covering the same territory at the New York Times. When is something plagiarism and when is it interpretive re-working? Are mash-ups plagiarism? With the ability to re-work much of our digital media world, how will we know when we’ve crossed the line? It still a great song and has a great video to match.



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2 responses to “Borrowing or Plagiarism? How Does It Feel?

  1. nednamenick

    I’m surprised to see that from Bob Dylan, but it doesn’t bother me.. messing with media produces so many cool things that I can’t condemn it.

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