Too lazy to actually RIDE your bike?

Here is a discussion of one of those devices that doesn’t seem necessary and yet someone feels the need to make it. There is always something appealing to me about anyone who takes the time to figure something out, even if it would apparently have no use. Maybe it’s because those experiements could lead in another direction, or maybe it’s just the fun of it. I appreciate the fact that someone would be so passionate about something so apparently useless.

So you love riding your bike (or it’s your only means of transportation) but just can’t stand the pedalling part. You know, the part that makes it a bike and not a motorcycle. How lazy are we getting anyway? Is this part of that, “save every second you can” tendancy we’ve been developing over the past few decades?

Anyway, from our friends at Make Magazine, we bring you the Steam Powered bicycle from several different inventors.

Steam powered bike

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