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“Test” Tube for YouTube

This seems like a fun idea.  YouTube is opening up the door to their “beta” features so people can play with them and give feedback.  It’s an area they’re calling TestTube, and while they continue to develop stuff, you get to try it out.  Nice creative use of people power.  Not unlike beta versions of any software or system, but an interesting idea to incorporate it in a web site’s growth structure.


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Evan Almighty Trailer

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How Big Is Everything?

You can’t have everything.  And if you did, where would you put it?  This web site is quite engaging.  You can travel from the outer reaches of the universe to the smallest bits of everything, and compare sizes along the way.  It will make you feel small, and sometimes big I suppose…but it puts everything into a size perspective, which is often hard to do as you walk around in your little life.  Oh and the warm planetarium sound track is a little too hypnotic…but it works.  Nice job Nikon.

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New iPhone Commercial

This commercial ran during the Oscars, which explains the use of famous movie stars. But it’s also a really simple nice idea to promote the phone. “Hello” (Oh, and the phone will apparently be available on June 11th.) Cool.

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Harry Potter 7 Cover Art

Just revealed… here is the US wrap around art for the final book.


And here is the cover with text:



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David Pogue: The Multi-Touch Screen

Here are some interesting comments from David Pogue of the New York Times about Apple’s much touted (internally of course) multi-touch screen and more importantly, the guy who is pushing the limits in multi-touch.

Today, a few more notes from my visit two weeks ago to the TED conference

Apple garnered many oohs and ahhs when it demonstrated the touch-screen interface of its new iPhone cellphone/iPod, which is scheduled for release in June. This “multi-touch” screen, Apple says, breaks new ground by permitting more than one finger to touch the screen simultaneously.

Now, the truth is, the maximum number of fingers that the iPhone recognizes is exactly 2. Continue reading

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Steps To Launch A Space Shuttle

Some very cool pictures of the process of getting the Space Shuttle to the launching pad. Made we wonder about how this all started, since it looks like a well-oiled industry machine now. How did they feel doing it the first time, and what do these people feel about nearing the end of the Shuttle era?

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