CF Bulb Buying

CF Bulb Buying

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I’m out shopping for a new wall light that will accept a compact
fluorescent bulb! Yeah!! My old one used a halogen, and when that
bulb died yesterday I decided to take the opportunity to eliminate
another energy waster from our house. Grrrrr. We’re almost all green
with lighting! We rock. 🙂 (The is a mobile post at 11:45 am)


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  1. slamb0513

    I have changed out almost all of my lights except for the dimmables which I have in a few ceiling fans.

    I read some articles on different kinds of bulbs and ended up buying mine online from They gave me free shipping which offset some of the higher cost of these bulbs.

    I also found this nice little CFL Energy Savings calculator at to estimate how much one might actually save by making the switch.

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