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Tesla Model S: a $60k, All-Electric 5 Passenger Sedan

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just helped Tesla Motors make an announcement that’s probably sending chills through traditional automaker’s boardrooms. The company has just introduced a fully-electric, five passenger sports sedan dubbed the Model S, which will be selling for an affordable $60K. No release date or other pesky details have been announced, but this is a very cool development. (225 miles/charge!)

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BMW Full-Metal Jacket

This BMW needs to be seen to be believed. A full-body made entirely of chrome. Get your sunglasses out!

I wonder how this handles the winter in Quebec?

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Very Funny Ads – BBC Flying Penguins

A great spot from the BBC showing how they never miss anything exciting and now thanks to their internet player, you don’t have to either.  It’s well done and it happens to have Monty Python’s Terry Jones in it, which is a nice bonus.

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35 Great HDR Photos

I am only now just learning about HDR imaging (High Dynamic Range.)  It’s a method of digital photo processing that allows a photographer to create an image with a greater dynamic range than would normall be possible.  Essentially it uses multiple versions of the same scene to create an improved or enhanced version of the image.  In some cases it can be used to make something closer to illustration out of an image.  In the right hands, this stuff can be pretty cool and pretty creative.  And so for Foto Friday, here are some amazing images using HDR.

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Verne Troyer Video

This is a clever bit of set design.  All of the press junket interviews for Verne Troyer’s new Mike Meyers movie were shot on a mini set built just for him.  It’s kind of poetic to see people forced to make themselves comfortable in a space designed for others.  He must have enjoyed this… maybe not as much as his “other” video, but still.

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Ball Girl Catch

This video is supposedly an amazing and real video making the viral video rounds.  A ball girl jumps to make an outstanding foul corner catch while the minor league outfielder looks on.  Alas, it is nothing more than a viral video created for Gatorade.  But even so, it’s a pretty nice piece of work.  The announcer is pretty true to life, the camera angles and graphics look real and the effects are well done.  So that part is great.  And the bonus is that I’m writing about Gatorade, which would have otherwise been unlikely…so this is a nice piece of advertising.  Anybody thirsty?  Think I’ll have a Power Aid.

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Retro-Phone for iPhone

I love stuff like this.

People writing somewhat useless, but fun and clever bits of creative programming, just because they can. I wish the return animation lasted longer, but I will no doubt be getting this program when available. Just because I can.  Calling Klondike-94327!

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