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First look at Windows 7

Microsoft has given us a first glimpse of Windows 7. Some pretty cool things are in the works, if they stay in the final release.

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Harry Potter Half Blood International Teaser

Some nice new footage in this teaser for the Half Blood Prince. Looks like another good one.  Some day it will be fun to watch all the Harry Potter movies on DVD and watch them get darker.  Like starting a film fest with Bambi and ending with Bonnie and Clyde.

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Whasssssssup?!?!? 8 Years Later, Change Is Up

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet… this is just great.  Of course if you’re planning to vote for McCain, then you’ll disagree with the ending.  Nicely done and very cool that these actors got together to make a statement like this.  If we all got together….. well… you know.

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Obama McCain Dance-off

Who needs voting and the Electoral College when you can have a no-nonsense dance-off?  Check this out.  Barack and John bust some moves in a little dancing face-off.  The video technique is both cool and a little creepy.  I found that I couldn’t look away… even though it has an unsettling quality… or maybe because of it.  Dance baby, dance!!  Vote baby vote!!!!!

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Qik Video for the iPhone

If you haven’t heard of Qik, it’s basically a way to broadcast live from your cell phone to the internet while texting live with viewers.  So far it’s mostly (only) been used on a Nokia phone, but this video demonstrates an iPhone app that may be coming to an app store near you.  What would YOU broadcast live?

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Debate Highlights

Here is all you need to know.

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John Cleese on why Sarah Palin could have been a Monty Python sketch

This is classic Cleese.  While analyzing Sarah Palins use of language and apparent understanding of the issues about which she is speaking, he laments that Michael Palin is no longer the funniest Palin.  THIS is an ex-Parrot!!

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