Buffalo Plane Crash – Continental 3407 – Miles O’Brien’s Analysis

It is very early of course, but this summary from Miles O’Brien really walks you through what might have happened there.  It gives you great background on the flight conditions, equipment and decision-making that goes into a landing approach in known icing conditions.  A great read for pilots, and an interesting read for anyone wanting to know more that the usual news coverage which contains very little information.

Thoughts on Ice and Aviation…

By milesobrien

(Ed. note: I was going to tell you some fascinating tales of my adventures in Kenya over the past few weeks, but that will have to wait…)

Airplane crashes are almost always the result of a series of unrelated factors, decisions and failures that conspire to make a tragedy. Remove – or change the order of – any one link in the chain – and the accident doesn’t happen.

Keep this in mind as you watch the often inaccurate, nonsensical, irrelevant coverage of the crash of Continental 3407.

The NTSB “Go Team” that is heading to Buffalo will be comprised of experts in all facets of aviation – and they are hardwired to make sure they do not put blinders on as they sift through this smoldering hole in the ground.

They are seasoned professionals with the collective goal of releasing a thorough and comprehensive report – with the hope that it will make air travel safer in the future. It often takes months or even years for them declare the “probable cause” of an accident.

But of course we all want to know what happened now. And there are some telling clues and facts that you should keep in mind as you follow this investigation:



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