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Wind Farms vs Dams, The Battle Is On

As more and more wind turbines come online, should they replace older technology, namely dams and return the rivers to their natural state?  This New York Times article is an interesting read about the balance of intermittant wind and the natural home of species like salmon.

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Very Cute Photos of Puppies, Kittens and Rabbits all Together

How can you resist?  Click on the link.  Even if these are photoshopped, they did a very good job.  Go ahead, click on the link.  Cuteness awaits.

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iPhone 3GS Selling Well

This post from Apple Insider indicates that if you haven’t ordered your 3GS phone, you’ll probably have to wait in line or wait a while for a home delivery.

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The Casual Presidency – The Obama Style

This is someone comfortable and confident enough in his own abilities that he can be himself in the middle of a million complexities.  Wish I could be that together sometimes.

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Amazon Kindling (Kindle Not)

This is very clever.  The only all wood e-book reader.  See more here.

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Clever Solar Skyscraper Design

This suggestion for a new building would create much needed living and working space for Mexico City and also add green space.  Pretty cool.  Check it out.

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Hand Drawn Web Design

Most web designs starts off with a pen and paper before it’s taken over by Photoshop. But as this post indicates, basic sketches are making a comeback.

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