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Cessna 172 Landing at Marshfield, MA

This video shows the beautiful location around Marshfield Municipal Airport in Marshfield, Massachusetts. I was doing some pattern practice there and enjoying the early morning scenery. Besides the beautiful view, you’ll notice a few flying things here. I think my pattern was a little bit wide all the way around, but this probably had to do with the view and to some degree the fact that I wasn’t compensating enough for the stronger winds I was encountering. It was a solid pattern, just a little wide and long. Next, the landing was firm and flat and you can tell that after the round out I encountered some swirling winds. As you will hear, I added some power because I thought I might settle and that caused me to float a bit. So it was a slight bit more of an adventure that it needed to be, but a good learning experience. Plus, the view was too good to not share. Enjoy. (Again a two camera HD shoot with CTAF audio.)


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Creative Latte For Sure

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Dramatic ATC Audio While in the Pattern at Norwood

Here is a simple video of my pattern practice at Norwood Airport on September 1, 2009.  The video is edited after the flight using the recordings from two small fixed camera sources and an audio source.  The interesting thing about this particular video happens about half way through when a distress call from about 10 miles away comes on the Norwood tower frequency.  Though unrelated to my practice that day, it is interesting to hear it exactly as it happened during my flight.  (The plane in distress landed safely and though the plane had some damage, no one was hurt.)

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Prior to flying over Gillette, the jets flew over Natick.

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A Great Innovator (Francis Rogallo) and an Excellent Writer (Dave Higdon)

This is a well-written piece about aviation pioneer Francis Rogallo. I had never heard of him before and I’m a pilot, so no doubt you haven’t heard of him either.  But if you spend some time with this story you’ll learn both about what goes into innovation and what elegant writing is all about.  Thanks Dave for the story and Francis for the wings.

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Views of the LA Fires 2009 From Space

Some interesting photos here to put some perspective on where the fires are in relation to sections of the LA area.

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