Cessna 172 Landing at Marshfield, MA

This video shows the beautiful location around Marshfield Municipal Airport in Marshfield, Massachusetts. I was doing some pattern practice there and enjoying the early morning scenery. Besides the beautiful view, you’ll notice a few flying things here. I think my pattern was a little bit wide all the way around, but this probably had to do with the view and to some degree the fact that I wasn’t compensating enough for the stronger winds I was encountering. It was a solid pattern, just a little wide and long. Next, the landing was firm and flat and you can tell that after the round out I encountered some swirling winds. As you will hear, I added some power because I thought I might settle and that caused me to float a bit. So it was a slight bit more of an adventure that it needed to be, but a good learning experience. Plus, the view was too good to not share. Enjoy. (Again a two camera HD shoot with CTAF audio.)


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