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Lost Generation Found

Brilliant creative here.

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Landing at Harriman and West

The landing portion of a cross country trip from Norwood, Massachusetts to North Adams, Massachusetts Harriman and West Field. The video begins about 10 miles out as we cross over a ridge in the Berkshire Mountains. The destination airport is straight ahead in the valley. Then there is a time compression jump to about 5 miles out for my call on the UNICOM and the rest is in real time. This is a beautiful area, and a nice little field to fly into. I found out later from some family who were meeting me that on this day at least, the airport UNICOM was being piped to a PA system so that they and everyone else on the ramp could listen in to the calls. You’ll hear the airport person warn me about some debris on the approach end, which you will clearly see as random bits of lumber on the chevron area before the displaced threshold of runway 11. A bit of a bounce on this landing, which didn’t feel too severe as it happened. Also, because I was staying clear of the hills around the airport, I made this pattern a little tight, which means you can only see the runway from the side camera at the bottom of the frame very briefly and I had to merge my base and final calls as I swung around to land. Probably could have been a little wider, but it all worked out. I had to slip a bit to lose altitude, but my speeds were good and it all went quite well. Again a two camera HD shoot with UNICOM audio.

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Top 20 Monty Python Sketches of All Time

This page has a great set of links to videos of the top 20 Monty Python sketches of all time.  So much fun to remember how great these guys were and get a laugh once again.  This month marks the 40th Anniversary of their debut on the BBC, so this is an appropriate time to do a little silly walking down memory lane instead of just pining for the fjords.

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