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Wall Carvings Give Portraits New Life

I love discovering artistic works like these. Someone is being freshly creative while making something we’ve seen before.  In this case it’s the portrait that’s getting a fresh look, and the medium of choice is the wall of a decaying building.   A little like the clever carving of a Halloween pumpkin, this is a fun use of city space to be creative. Nicely done.

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Wonderful Braille Watch Concept

This just makes so much sense and looks so cool that I want one myself! Here is an article about the folks behind it and how it would work. Very creative and a great example of a Kickstart project that can be supported by anyone who wants to chip in.

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The Beauty of Icebergs and Glaciers

Check out these dramatic pictures of icebergs and glaciers around the globe. A pretty cool photography sample and wonderful views of what is sadly an eco-system in danger.


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