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Clever Airplane Frames

One look is all you need to get this concept.  I would suspect that this would look best with pictures of the sky or the ramp at an airport, but maybe other things would work too.


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BMW Design – 1 Series M Coupe 2011

Say what you want about this particular car design, but in general you have to keep your eye on what BMW is doing with design.  It’s an interesting evolution that starts with one model, works it’s way through the entire line and then starts again.  So here is the BMW 1 Series M Coupe for 2011.  Read and see all about it.  Some are calling this ugly, but what do you think?

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Wall Carvings Give Portraits New Life

I love discovering artistic works like these. Someone is being freshly creative while making something we’ve seen before.  In this case it’s the portrait that’s getting a fresh look, and the medium of choice is the wall of a decaying building.   A little like the clever carving of a Halloween pumpkin, this is a fun use of city space to be creative. Nicely done.

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Wonderful Braille Watch Concept

This just makes so much sense and looks so cool that I want one myself! Here is an article about the folks behind it and how it would work. Very creative and a great example of a Kickstart project that can be supported by anyone who wants to chip in.

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The Beauty of Icebergs and Glaciers

Check out these dramatic pictures of icebergs and glaciers around the globe. A pretty cool photography sample and wonderful views of what is sadly an eco-system in danger.


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Hyper-Realistic Sculptures

Wow, these are pretty amazing and somewhat creepy.  Try to look away, I dare you.

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Creative Latte For Sure

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