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Clever Idea to Turn Outdoor Peeing Into Compost

The bale of hay ready to rock.

This is a pretty clever little idea from  How to make good use of the result of beer drinking at outdoor festivals.  Why not make a little nutrient rich compost?

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April 26, 2013 · 10:52 am

Inside A New Google Office

A very cool design post from the folks at Office Snap Shots.  Fresh off their wonderful Google Tel Aviv office post, they’ve got another great Google project in Israel to display. This time, it is Google’s Haifa offices which were designed by Setter Architects. The Google offices are located in Haifa’s Matam High-Tech Park and were inspired by four themes of Haifa: The Sea, Port, Nature (specifically Mount Carmel) and Neighborhoods. The building is shaped with four distinct wings, with one theme for each wing.  More here.

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Building a Better Hand For the World

The wonderful story of how two guys got together to build a better prosthetic hand.  As the story says, when two people get together, anything is possible.  Wonderful.

“Neither Richard Van As or Ivan Owen have any experience with prosthetics. In fact, the two men have never even met. But they’ve designed a simple new mechanical hand that could be cheap enough to spread around the world.”

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags!

This is great!

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The Powerful Potential of 3D Printing

I was doing some research for work and stumbled upon this moving video and loved the way the story was told.  I also loved to be reminded that good people are working on great technology and using it to serve the needs of others.  Very very cool.  Just click on the image below to play the video.

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3D Printed Kite

This is beautiful.  Follow the previous link for the full story.  Would love to see it flying in person.

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Microsoft’s Model Builders

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