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Clever Idea to Turn Outdoor Peeing Into Compost

The bale of hay ready to rock.

This is a pretty clever little idea from  How to make good use of the result of beer drinking at outdoor festivals.  Why not make a little nutrient rich compost?

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April 26, 2013 · 10:52 am

Inside A New Google Office

A very cool design post from the folks at Office Snap Shots.  Fresh off their wonderful Google Tel Aviv office post, they’ve got another great Google project in Israel to display. This time, it is Google’s Haifa offices which were designed by Setter Architects. The Google offices are located in Haifa’s Matam High-Tech Park and were inspired by four themes of Haifa: The Sea, Port, Nature (specifically Mount Carmel) and Neighborhoods. The building is shaped with four distinct wings, with one theme for each wing.  More here.

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Wonderful Visual Representation of Wind

Here is a very cool data visualization of the current wind over the entire United States.  Pretty sweet stuff and better viewed in a Chrome browser I’m told.  I just find this visually fascinating.

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March 30, 2012 · 5:44 pm

3D Printed Kite

This is beautiful.  Follow the previous link for the full story.  Would love to see it flying in person.

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Turning Air into Water

This is a great invention.  Winner of the James Dyson award, this device was envisioned by a Melbourne design student as an answer to Australian heat and draught situations.  It takes hot humid air and turs it into water for irrigation.  See how he does it in this linked article.

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Elon Musk – Technology Inventor of the Year

He’s pushing the edges in many directions and carrying forth the creative torch necessary to improve our lives and solve some of our biggest problems.  So it’s fitting that this guy who’s put his own rocket into space and built a car with no gas engine that does 0-60 in under 4 seconds should be getting this inventor of the year award.  Here is the link to the full Wall Street Journal Article.

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The Apple of Home Energy – Nest

Here is a good article from C-Net about a cool new product called Nest.  It’s purported to be a self-programming thermostat and was created by some guys who worked on the iPod.  Sound cool?  It appears to and in fact it looks quite cool as well.  Looks to be excellent design and with wifi and motion sensors and iPhone/iPad apps for control, offers much needed functionality.

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