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Trying To Post More Using The iPad

Just realized that the combination of iPad and WordPress app, might just be the ticket for posting more things on this blog. While I have expressed to some that the iPad is like a microwave (while you COULD live without it, on once you have one you don’t want to) it is actually more useful than that. Perhaps it’s time to put this to the test on this creative blog. More to come from me and my iPad app!

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Andy Ihnatko’s iPad Review

I love listening to and reading what smart people have to say.  Andy Ihnatko is smart and as much of an Apple fan-boy as I am, but he’s also much more likely to call them out for things that aren’t the way they should be.  In short, I trust his opinion (even though he is a fan-boy) and wanted to post a link to his first review of the new iPad.  I am waiting for a 3G version but I’ve played with a WiFi iPad and can’t want to get mine and customize it.  Here is Andy’s summary of why this new device is something entirely new and a game changer.  ANDY’S SUNTIMES REVIEW

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Apple iPhone 4G Rumor Diagram

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Latest iPod Announced – iPod Maple

This some great creativity.  An all wood encased iPod.  Pretty sweet, and clearly a very green product.  Check this out.

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Large Form iPod Touch To Launch in Fall ‘09

Techcrunch has this from three independent sources close to Apple: expect a large screen iPod touch device to be released in the Fall of ‘09, with a 7 or 9 inch screen. Great, a new expensive gadget which I have to find a use for!

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Apple confirms September 9 Special Event: Let’s Rock

Apple has sent out invites to a Special Event taking place on September 9, which is exactly one week for today. The invite features the iconic iPod silouette along with the tagline “Let’s Rock.” It will be taking place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco
—just down the street from the Moscone Center— at 10am next Tuesday.

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New iPods to be announced in September

This news leaked to Kevin Rose which he placed on his blog with a video post as well.  New iPods and a major upgrade to iTunes 8.0  It all sounds like some fun months ahead for music and Apple fans.

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