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Wonderful Braille Watch Concept

This just makes so much sense and looks so cool that I want one myself! Here is an article about the folks behind it and how it would work. Very creative and a great example of a Kickstart project that can be supported by anyone who wants to chip in.


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Andy Ihnatko’s iPad Review

I love listening to and reading what smart people have to say.  Andy Ihnatko is smart and as much of an Apple fan-boy as I am, but he’s also much more likely to call them out for things that aren’t the way they should be.  In short, I trust his opinion (even though he is a fan-boy) and wanted to post a link to his first review of the new iPad.  I am waiting for a 3G version but I’ve played with a WiFi iPad and can’t want to get mine and customize it.  Here is Andy’s summary of why this new device is something entirely new and a game changer.  ANDY’S SUNTIMES REVIEW

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Gizmodo Android 2.0 Review

It’s finally here.  The next iteration of the Google Android operating system which by all accounts is a solid improvement.  Here is the Gizmodo review. Almost human indeed.

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The Plastic Logic E-Reader – Move Over Kindle

The Kindle isn’t the only reader in the market. Apparently several companies are working feverishly on ways to replace paper and allow for updated content on a flat portable screen.  This one looks very sleek, and although it isn’t available yet, I’m standing in line for one already.  Or anything like it.  I would rather it be less rigid and more flexible, but apparently others disagreed.  Really????

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Apple Is Ready to Announce iPad

It is looking more and more like Apple will announce a tablet PC in early June.  Think larger iPhone, smaller notebook, multimedia computer.  Can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on.

Here is a link to the CNET story in full.

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Scenes from 30,000 meters up

The Meteotek08 team has collected their images and data on both their blog and flickr page, and has kindly given others permission to share these photos with you. Very cool images and compelling to watch as the trip unfolds.

read more | digg story

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Marc Andreessen to Charlie Rose: ‘You Have to Kill the Print Edition’

But what will we wrap fish with?

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