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Andy Ihnatko’s iPad Review

I love listening to and reading what smart people have to say.  Andy Ihnatko is smart and as much of an Apple fan-boy as I am, but he’s also much more likely to call them out for things that aren’t the way they should be.  In short, I trust his opinion (even though he is a fan-boy) and wanted to post a link to his first review of the new iPad.  I am waiting for a 3G version but I’ve played with a WiFi iPad and can’t want to get mine and customize it.  Here is Andy’s summary of why this new device is something entirely new and a game changer.  ANDY’S SUNTIMES REVIEW


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Great Honda Insight Video

This is a great video produced to promote the Honda hybrid car, the Insight.  I like the idea and the video execution, but I particularly like how well integrated the page design and page animations integrate with the video.  Really excellent work on the whole package. Click on the video player to play it, but click on the link in the first sentence to go to the full page experience.  (Worth it.)

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Interactive YouTube Adventure

This is a simple but very creative idea.  I wish I had the time to create it, let alone watch it all.  I do plan to play my way through it over the holidays… inbetween leftovers, parades and games.  Watch at least one and you’ll see how it all works.

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Harry Potter Half Blood International Teaser

Some nice new footage in this teaser for the Half Blood Prince. Looks like another good one.  Some day it will be fun to watch all the Harry Potter movies on DVD and watch them get darker.  Like starting a film fest with Bambi and ending with Bonnie and Clyde.

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Whasssssssup?!?!? 8 Years Later, Change Is Up

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet… this is just great.  Of course if you’re planning to vote for McCain, then you’ll disagree with the ending.  Nicely done and very cool that these actors got together to make a statement like this.  If we all got together….. well… you know.

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Qik Video for the iPhone

If you haven’t heard of Qik, it’s basically a way to broadcast live from your cell phone to the internet while texting live with viewers.  So far it’s mostly (only) been used on a Nokia phone, but this video demonstrates an iPhone app that may be coming to an app store near you.  What would YOU broadcast live?

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Dark Toy Story Knight 2

This is a great mash-up of the Dark Knight and Toy Story 2 Trailers.  A really great creative job and you should check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

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